Are your little ones giving you a headache during the last few days of summer, running around and enjoying their precious moments of freedom? If so, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan may be the ideal place for you to take them. The Museum (CMOM) can be found in The Tisch Building, at 212 West 83rd Street, and is good for running, jumping, and all manner of tomfoolery. Offering all different sorts of play, always with a component of learning, CMOM will delight your child… and even you, too!

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Splish Splash!
From now until Labor Day, the Sussman Environmental Center is hosting (weather permitting, of course) an exuberant aquatic wonderland. The City Splash event teaches your kids all about the wonders of water firsthand: they can learn about buoyancy through empirical experimentation (which also gives you a good excuse to teach them the word “empirical”), send boats sailing down a winding river, or even create their own landscapes of rivers and lakes at the sand table to learn about properties of erosion.

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The World’s Foremost Explorer

If they’re not interested in splashing about, perhaps your children will be interested in a different area of the museum, where they can meet Dora the Explorer and her friend Diego! Your children can help Diego on a number of animal rescue missions and learn more about nature in the process. Or they can help Dora to set up her house for a fiesta! In doing so, they learn math, language abilities, and more about Latin American culture. Either way, your child is sure to have fun and walk away the wiser.

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Speaking of walking away the wiser… if you and your child have fun during your visit, you can always come back and take classes. Starting with ages as young as 14 months old, these classes can be a special gift to your child, giving them fun and the tools for lifelong learning.

CMOM is open seven days a week in the summer (up until Tuesday 9/15), so whatever your schedule is like, you can pop on down and check it out. And just to soothe that headache, take the Seastreak Ferry — it will give you a few moments of peace and quiet even outside of the museum.

Sea you Soon!
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