Parents, doting aunts and uncles, and movie-going kids have had some good choices for trips to the theater lately. Sure, it’s been a year and a quarter since “Frozen” hit the screens (yes, you’ve been hearing that song for fifteen months now), but since then, “Big Hero 6”, “The Lego Movie”, and “How to Train Your Dragon 2” have entertained those of us with viewers in the younger sets. Kids can hardly get enough of stories to fill their imaginations, so take advantage of the New York International Children’s Film Festival! It’s taking place at various theaters until March 22.

Children's Film Festival 1

The Big Screen for Little Folks

Since 1997, the New York International Children’s Film Festival has been committed to bringing the best, most diverse and thoughtful cinema to children and teens. This festival seeks to go beyond the big-name studio titles we’re accustomed to seeing. Instead, it brings films for youths from around the world.

It includes both shorts and feature films, some of which have been nominated for Academy Awards! (This festival is even an Academy Award qualifying festival, and is one of only two children’s film festivals in the country to hold that honor.)

Children's Film Festival 2

A Warm Way to Spend a Day

Watch favorite characters such as Wallace and Gromit in short films, as well as Shaun the Sheep, and the Moomins. Discover the rich international world of children’s films in such excellent features as an interpretation of Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet”, or a gorgeously animated version of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep” called “The King and the Mockingbird”. Be certain to get tickets early, so the shows you want don’t sell out before you can!

Children's Film Festival 3

If we made a Seastreak Movie, it would feature dashing ferry captains, and heroic staff who treat all passengers like royalty! Bring your kids on a Seastreak adventure this weekend.


Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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