So, let’s talk about Beyonce for a minute…

“Beyonce”, the album that made Twitter go crazy, was totally unexpected and definitely secured Mrs. Carter’s place as “Queen B” this past Friday. The timing of her newest release couldn’t be better because the queen herself is headed our way this week and it’s not too late to buy tickets! Beyonce will be performing at the Barclay’s Center on Thursday, December 14th, and Sunday, December 22nd. Just the mere mention of her name has people screaming at octaves we didn’t think were possible (cue the shrieks!).

Every news outlet, serious and funny, had an article detailing the wow factor of Beyonce’s grand gesture to her fans.  Here are just a few obsessing over all 14 new songs and 17 new music video previews:

“Queen Bey has created something on her own terms, and it’s her most honest and self-assured record yet.”      Buzzfeed

“On her surprise fifth studio album … Beyonce reveals more than just her amazing post-baby body and showstopper videos … it’s a fully baked album, no filler remixes and re-released greatest hits. And sidestepping a promotional blitz and gimmicks, this album … could be her most personal yet.”  USA Today

“The NSA could learn a thing or two about leak proofing from Beyonce[which is] obviously a coup on another front. It arrived with a press release touting its surprise unveiling as a relief from the usual multi-week-long PR-blitz rollouts of major albums … My overall feeling, after a couple of listens: on balance, a very fine record.”  Vulture

Now that the masses know exactly what they’ll be hearing when they check out Beyonce at Barclay’s this weekend, all we know is that you better grab some tickets now before they’re sold out!

Get your Beyonce concert night started like a VIP onboard a Seastreak ferry! We like Beyonce too, so feel free to practice your lyrics onboard on the way!  Check out these videos to see what makes traveling with Seastreak so special…

Sea you soon,

The Seastreak Family

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