Wylie Dufresne, the force behind world-renowned WD-50, brings a more relaxed vibe to Alder, an excellent East Village restaurant that we think is worthy of its critical acclaim:

“Here is a Sunday brunch that’s everything you might hope for from Wylie Dufresne, the man who once confessed a love of eggs so great that he’d like to pour hollandaise over his head, then rub it all over his body: pizza bagels topped with tiny slices of “pepperoni” fashioned from egg yolks.” NY Magazine

“Jon Bignelli and Wylie Dufresne have given us due cause to pay $13 for pigs-in-a-blanket, something we’re used to devouring for free at our aunt’s house on Thanksgiving. The chefs wrap sweet knobs of Chinese sausage in compressed hot dog buns, then add a wallop of hot mustard to drop kick our sinuses. Alder also serves the best jalapeno poppers on earth, topped with oily trout roe and filled with heady uni cream cheese.” Bloomberg

“With such ordinary tactics as small plates and reasonable prices, Alder has done something out of the ordinary, planting avant-garde cooking in what’s left of downtown alternative culture. It belongs to anybody who wants to see things differently.” NY Times

Alder is surprisingly sleek for a local joint, successfully mixing suspended wood ceilings and brick walls with metal light fixtures. Between the bar and tables, Alder seats a mere 56 people at a time, so you can expect a hefty wait time. We suggest reserving your spot online prior, or settling for eating your meal at the bar which serves a full menu.

Avante-garde Cooking at Alder
Rev up your taste buds for dinner delights like Pigs in a Blanket with sweet chili sauce, Quail Eggs with onion marmalade, Shrimps on Shrimps, Grilled Octopus, and Halibut, or channel your inner foodie with Duck Breast, Steak or Rye Pasta.

While you’re there, why not try one of the Alder-concocted cocktails with fun names like Sister Christian or Skin Queen?

Treat yourself like a VIP and take our luxurious Seastreak ferry into the city to check out this East Village haunt.

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