It’s time for Part Two of our holiday shopping guide, where we help you find the best places to get the best gifts for the people you care about (or tolerate). This time, we’re turning the spotlight on a unique and — dare I say — delightful market called Artists and Fleas. Why should you go there? I’ll tell you.
Artists and Fleas 1
The Itchy Artists in Chelsea

Well as I said in the title, they’re not actually itchy. But it makes a good section heading, don’t you think?

Artists and Fleas is a special type of shop which first opened in Williamsburg, NY, in 2003. Since then it has opened two new locations: one in NYC’s Chelsea Market, and the other in L.A. But what really makes Artists and Fleas so interesting is that they work in a way that’s different from any other store. Instead of selling items themselves, this store is essentially a venue for other artists of all stripes to come in and sell their works. There are new artists every week, so you can even go back regularly and find entirely new selections of choice gifts — either for your friends and family, or maybe just a gift for you.
Artists and Fleas 2
Who’s New
But without further ado, I present to you some of the newest additions to the shop.

Admirable Jewels
makes handcrafted jewelry with healing gemstones. They’ve even appeared in Law and Order, Bones, and other TV series. If this sounds like your pot of tea, come on over for some of the best around!

Marc Tetro does some lovely work with dogs. Dog art, dog stationery, dog umbrellas, dog aprons, dog potholders… And we’re talking some cut dogs, here. If you find canines comforting, find him at Chelsea!

My Silver Sparkles specializes in silver jewelry with all manner of interesting and beautiful gemstones. You can find them on eBay, of course, but it’s always better to buy jewelry in person.
Artists and Fleas 3
What a vivid variety of items Artists and Fleas has on sale exclusively in their Chelsea store, just waiting for you! And when you go over, make sure to hop on the Seastreak! If you like local, handcrafted things, remember that we’re locally-based and all our experiences are specially crafted to be absolutely the best. So come on — hitch a ride and browse the store! Between the shipping and the shopping, you know you’ll have an awesome day.

Sea You Soon,
The Seastreak Family

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