Want a walk in the park without it being your typical… well, your typical walk in the park? Want to absorb nature and be in direct contact with actual sunlight, while still being able to give your mind its own something to absorb? Then good news! You may want to check out the Art Cart in Bryant park. The Art Cart, located on Bryant Park’s Fifth Avenue Terrace, has all manner of artistic utensils. Their exact nature changes up every day, but they are always of professional quality. You can find drawing pencils, brush pens, charcoal, erasers, clipboards, and more when you pay your visit.

Art Cart 1

For the Adults
Adults often find that their creativity, their self-expression, has been stymied. Responsibilities, routines, and the worries of life bring us down. But the Art Cart is a great way to develop the artistic skills you already have, to reconnect with skills you may have forgotten, or to simply let loose your creativity in an entirely new way! Responsibility and creativity don’t have to be mutually exclusive — they can even be friends! And the Art Cart can give them a chance to learn to get along.
Art Cart 2
For the Kids
And of course, let’s not forget about the kids. The Art Cart has materials especially for them, as well: crayons, colored pencils, markers, glue, and construction paper can all be found at the Art Cart.
Art Cart 3Love Lessons? Let’s Learn!
If you want your experience to last more than just one afternoon, one of your options (besides, y’know, just coming back) is to sign up for lessons. You can find registration for these (free!) lessons on their site. But hurry — these slots fill up fast!

High art, sophisticated art, can sometimes seem a bit confusing. Beautiful, but inaccessible. But the kind of art found at the Art Cart is anything but. It is beautiful, wonderful, but ultimately something you can access… much like Seastreak! And, much like Seastreak, it gets you and your creativity where you want to go.

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