The Hudson River Park has a plethora of exciting and unique activities throughout its 500 acres. You will discover activities and events to enjoy that you cannot find anywhere else in Manhattan. From mini golf to carousel rides, historic walking tours to boat building, the Hudson River Park has something for every personality.

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Oh, Those Sweet Sounds
It’s that wonderful music that starts in your toes and makes you crinkle your nose. Colbie Caillat and her soulful, sometimes bubbly voice will be gracing New York’s Hudson River Park. Colbie Caillat, Christina Perri, and special guests can be found only on July 14th at Pier 97 Hudson River Park while on their “The Girls Night Out, Boys Can Come Too Tour.”

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Fur-Child, Your Child, Inner Child
New York is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world. Hudson River Park offers Pier 84, where you will find a dog park that your beloved fur-children can socialize and play in, leash-free. There is even fresh water for the pooch and benches for the two-legged.

Pier 51 will also engage your human child with climbing equipment, slides, water, and sand play areas. With all the water features, you will never become overheated in the hot summer sun. And, if your own inner child needs to be entertained, just try flying with ease on a flying trapeze! Cross at W Houston St in Greenwich Village and you can strap in and fly through the air.

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No matter your age, the fun never stops on the East End. Whether you’re walking the dog, walking the children, or simply treating yourself to a walk of your own, start your fun with Seastreak to add a luxury feel to your play day.

Sea you soon!

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