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Jersey City & Hoboken Commute


Do you have refreshments available at your Atlantic Highlands terminal?

Not at this time. Across the street from the Atlantic Highlands Terminal, Sissy’s and On The Deck offer refreshment options available for purchase.

How long does a typical commute take from Atlantic Highlands, NJ to Jersey City, NJ or Hoboken, NJ?

From the Atlantic Highlands Ferry Terminal, the average commuting time is 50 minutes to Jersey City and an hour to Hoboken.

What ferry terminals do you stop at in Jersey City and Hoboken?

We stop at the following ferry terminals in Jersey City and Hoboken:

Paulus Hook Ferry Terminal
The end of Sussex Street at the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Hoboken Ferry Terminal
1 Hudson Place
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Where do you depart from in New Jersey?

We depart from three locations in New Jersey: Atlantic Highlands, Jersey City, and Hoboken.

Where can I find commuting routes and schedules?

You can find all routes and schedules on the Routes & Schedules page. Optionally, try out the Route Planner to create a customized personalized route!

When should I plan to arrive for my departure?

Seastreak would like to remind you to leave yourself plenty of time to arrive for your departure, find parking and purchase tickets. We recommend arriving at least 20 minutes before your departure.


Are there child rates?

No, all Seastreak fares to Jersey City and Hoboken are the same regardless of age.

Can I purchase tickets on the boat?

Yes, you may purchase tickets on board all the Seastreak ferries.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets are available for purchase at any of the various Seastreak ticket offices in New Jersey and onboard all of our vessels.

Can I purchase commuter tickets online?

Not yet, but soon! We’re working on a brand new way for NJ and NYC commuters to purchase their tickets online from wherever you are. Stay tuned!

Do I need reservations?

We do not take reservations for our regular commuter runs. Boarding is ‘first come first served’, unless we are priority boarding. For our special events and sporting events, we do take reservations and they are strongly suggested.

Do you allow unaccompanied minors?

Seastreak reserves the right not to accept any passenger under the age of 13 years, unless accompanied by an adult.

Can I pre-purchase my tickets?

You can purchase tickets for travel in advance by coming into one of our Atlantic Highlands or Highlands ticket offices.

What are your ticket office hours of operation?

Atlantic Highlands:
Monday – Friday from 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday closed

Monday – Friday from 5:00 AM – 8:00 AM and from 11:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Is there a special discount for seniors?

Seastreak does not offer senior discounts.


How much does parking cost?

Seastreak offers complimentary parking at its Highlands and Atlantic Highlands terminals. In New York City, you must park in a provided parking garage or lot as the city does not offer parking at its docks. We do not provide parking in Jersey City or Hoboken.

What are the parking rules and regulations?

Please be considerate of others when you park and do not block others in or park illegally. If you block someone’s car in and they return before you do, you will be towed at your expense.

Atlantic Highlands Lot: Commuter parking is located on your left and right as you come down First Ave. towards the Seastreak office. There is additional parking in the small lot located next to the Seastreak Ticket Office. Overnight parking, including long-term, is allowed in the fenced-in Seastreak lot across the street from the ticket office. All other parking lots are municipal parking (not Seastreak property), and there is absolutely no overnight parking permitted in them, regardless of snow removal or not. Cars left overnight in the municipal lots can be subjected to towing and/or ticketing by the Atlantic Highlands Police Department at the owner’s expense.

Highlands Lot: Overnight parking is allowed in the overnight lot, located at 348 Shore Drive, only. All cars parked overnight in the lot located at 325 Shore Drive will be towed at the owners expense. If you are planning to leave you car overnight at 325 Shore Drive, please utilize the Sunset Valet service at 732-513-5686 for long-term parking.

Please know that in times of heightened security or extreme weather conditions, local authorities may be forced to remove your vehicle from all parking areas and where overnight parking is normally permitted. Seastreak will not be responsible for any fees associated with you obtaining your vehicle from the tow company.

Do you offer valet service?

We are proud to offer valet service at our Highlands location only. Sunset Valet has implemented the following, effective starting June 1, 2013.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 7:30am-9:30am and 3:30pm-7:30pm
If you are departing or arriving between the hours of 9:30am and 3:30pm, please notify Fred at (732) 513-5686 approximately two (2) hours in advance of departure or arrival.


  • Single/Same-Day Parking: $10.00 (Departure and arrival between 6am-10pm)
  • Monthly Single/Same Day Parking: $125.00
  • Overnight Parking: $15.00/per night
  • Weekly Overnight Parking: $70.00

In the event that you need to stay longer than 24 hours and there is not a Sunset Valet attendant in the parking lot upon your arrival, please leave your car keys with the Seastreak ticket agent inside the floating terminal. The ticking agent will ensure your keys are delivered to the valet. If you have any question or concerns, feel free to contact Fred at (732) 513-5686.

While valet services are offered as an accommodation to Seastreak, LLC’s customers, valet services are provided by Sunset Valet Service AND NOT BY Seastreak, LLC. Sunset is an independent contractor, and is neither an agent of Seastreak, LLC or any of its affiliates, nor is it authorized to act for them or on their behalf. Any and all questions, complaints or claims relating to or arising out of the valet services shall be directed to Sunset Valet Service and not to Seastreak, LLC, which hereby expressly disclaims any and all liabilities related to such valet services.

Please know that in times of heightened security or extreme weather conditions, local authorities may be forced to remove your vehicle from all parking areas and where overnight parking is normally permitted. Seastreak will not be responsible for any fees associated with you obtaining your vehicle from the tow company.

Onboard Your Commute

What is Priority Boarding and when do you do it?

Unless otherwise noted, the Captain of each vessel will determine if priority boarding will be utilized based upon the volume of customers observed to be waiting to board a given departure.  If priority boarding is required, ticket book holders will be boarded first.  Of these, 40-trip ticket book holders will be first to board, followed by 10-trip ticket book holders.

In order for 40-trip and 10-trip ticket book holders to participate in priority boarding, you must present your ticket book cover along with your ticket.  In the absence of a ticket book cover, customers with 40-trip and 10-trip tickets will be boarded next along with customers holding other ticket types.

No one-way or round-trip tickets will be sold for priority boarded departures until all ticket holders are boarded.

Can I bring my pet aboard?

We love our pets and we’re glad you do too! We welcome dogs and cats only onboard many of our trips but must be kept on the outdoor decks with a leash. Small dogs in a carrier can be brought inside the vessel. Service dogs are permitted onboard. Pets are not permitted on any Special Event trip or our NJ/NYC service to Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket.

Do you have food and drinks for sale onboard?

Yes! All Seastreak ferries have a full cash bar serving spirits, beer, wine and soft drinks as well as bagged snacks. We allow passengers to bring food onboard, we just ask that you do not bring hard coolers onboard.

Do you have any beverage specials on Fridays?

Yes! We offer a Friday “Appe” Hour! “Appe” Hour will be on the following New York City departures:

  • 4:15pm E. 35th St. / 4:40pm Wall St.
  • 5:10pm E. 35th St. / 5:30pm Wall St.
  • 5:55pm E. 35th St. / 6:10pm Wall St.

An assortment of beer, wine, liquor, and snacks will be available for purchase.

Is the boat enclosed?

The Seastreak catamarans have either two or three decks. The Lower Deck is entirely indoor, the Second Deck is half indoor and half outdoor, and the Third Deck is entirely outdoor.