There are many different reasons to make a trip out to NYC. Sometimes we go to see the sights; sometimes we want to go shopping; and sometimes we just want some simple fun. But there are also times when we go to edify ourselves, to experience things that develop us as people — you know, things that are “good for the soul.”

If you’re interested in making a trip for this reason, then you should consider seeing Eclipsed.
Eclipsed 1
An Uncivil War
Eclipsed is a very well-reviewed play that tells the story of four women trapped in the middle of the Liberian Civil War. These woman have been forced into becoming the wives of a rebel leader, referred to by the women only as the C.O., and the play examines both their individual stories and their group dynamic as they respond to the horrors of war.

The women refer to each other by their order as the C.O.’s wives. Wives one, two, and three have formed a delicately balanced community between themselves, but this is disrupted when a 15 year old girl — played by the up-and-coming star Lupita Nyong’o — enters the scene. The wives attempt to hide her beneath a plastic basin, but it is not long before she becomes wife #4. The play goes on from there to examine how this newly-unbalanced community can protect itself in a hostile world. Directed by Liesl Tommy, Eclipsed is a masterful work of stagecraft.
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A Rising Star
As mentioned in passing, this play features Lupita Nyong’o. Born in Mexico, but raised in Kenya, Lupita is an actress and film director. She attended the Yale School of Drama, where she got her master’s degree in acting, and is perhaps best known for her role in 12 Years a Slave. This role won her the Academy Award for best supporting actress in 2013, and earned her a standing ovation from the Academy.

The long and short of it is — if you have a chance to see this amazing performer in person, you should take it before it disappears!
Eclipsed 3
Eclipsed touches on many serious themes, and visits some rather dark places in both human history and the human psyche. But it is also, ultimately, a play about hope and community, and what it means to be with others, even in the most hostile of environments. This makes the play most definitely worth seeing — and take the Seastreak on over! Like any good play, Eclipsed is a work of art, and there’s no better way to prepare yourself than to travel on the most erudite and refined mode of transport there is. Just buy your ticket and hop on board — we’ll get you there in style and comfort.

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