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SeaStreak Wall Street

Built by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, the SeaStreak Wall Street is the sister ship to the SeaStreak New York and the other new builds.  This spectacular 400-passenger, 141ft vessel was launched into service in October 2003 and provides daily commuter service on the SeaStreak Atlantic Highlands/Highlands service. 

Main characteristics
- 140.7 ft
Breadth - 34.22 ft
Draught - 6.43 ft

Decks - Three:  Lower Deck  interior, Second Deck interior/exterior, Third Deck exterior with Lexan wind deflectors

Amenities - Automatic doors at midship and bow for seamless boarding and disembarcation, heated decks and ramps, three restrooms and full bar service.
Performance and propulsion system
Service speed - 38 knots
Maximum speed - 42 knots

Main engines - 4 x Cummins KTA50M2
Propulsion power - 1950 bhp
Propulsion units - 4 x Kamewa A50 model Waterjets

Built by - Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Somerset, MA

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