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Seastreak Seastreak Ferry New Jersey/New York
Seastreak Seastreak Ferry New Jersey/New York
Seastreak Ferry New Jersey/New York and New Bedford/Martha's Vineyard
Seastreak Ferry New Bedford/Martha's Vineyard
Seastreak Ferry New Bedford/Martha's Vineyard
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Seastreak Locations and Parking Rules
Please be considerate of others when you park and do not block others in. If you block someone's car in and they return before you do, you will be towed at your expense.

Atlantic Highlands: 2 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716 - Commuter parking is located on your left and right as you come down First Ave towards the Seastreak office. There is additional parking in the small lot located next to the Seastreak Ticket Office. As the commuter parking lots at our Atlantic Highlands location are not SeaStreak property, there is absolutely no overnight commuter parking permitted in Atlantic Highlands, regardless of snow removal or not. Cars left overnight will be towed by the Atlantic Highlands Police Department at owners expense.

The ticket office in Atlantic Highlands
Monday - Friday from 5:00am - 5:00pm for commuter ticket sales.

Conners, Highlands: 325 Shore Drive, Highlands, NJ 07732 - All cars parked overnight at Conner's Highlands will now be marked, and any cars still in the lot for a second night will be towed at the owners expense. If you are planning to leave you car for longer than one night, please utilize the Sunset valet service at 732-495-6397 or 732-904-0418 for long-term parking at the Conner's Highlands terminal. As for drop offs and pickups of passengers, please know that you are not permitted to stop or sit in the fire zones. This includes the entire area along the bulkhead. The area is a legal fire zone and the Highlands Police are enforcing the restrictions and may issue tickets to cars stopped or sitting in the fire zones. There is no overnight parking allowed during inclement weather.

The ticket office at the CJK terminal in Highlands is open Monday - Friday from 5:00am - 8:00am and from 12:00pm 9:00pm and Saturday and Sunday for all departures.

New Bedford: 49 State Pier New Bedford, MA 02740 -Parking is $12 per calendar day.  Annual parking passes are available at the Whale's Tooth Parking Lot. Annual parking passes may be purchased for $500 at the Parking Lot's Ticket Booth. Monthly passes may also be purchased for $120. Parking is conducted on the pier itself in the shoulder seasons.

The ticket office in New Bedford will open on May 1, 2012. Hours of operation are Monday - Sunday from 6:00am – 6:00pm.

Please know that in times of heightened security or extreme weather conditions local authorities may be forced to remove your vehicle from all parking areas and where overnight parking is normally permitted. Seastreak will not be responsible for any fees associated with you obtaining your vehicle from the tow company.

No Idling Notice

Dear Valued Customer,
Please be advised that Seastreak has posted "No Idling" signs at our Conners Highlands location. We have been informed that the NJDEP will be stepping up its idling enforcement for all vehicles. Vehicles found idling for more than 3 minutes in the "No Idling Zone" will be issued an immediate $100.00 fine. Please know that there is no grace period for this violation. The Monmouth County Health Department will be conducting a sweep in the near future. Please be advised that this is your warning so that the issuance of unnecessary fines can be avoided.
NJDEP link:

Valet Service available at our Conner’s Highlands location only. 

Valet Service

PO Box #4192
Middletown, NJ 07748
Cell 732-904-0418

Atlantic Highlands To Be Announced

Introducing Sunset Valet, a Premium Preferred Parking service at the Atlantic Highlands and Highlands SeaStreak Ferry Terminals . The service operates as follows:


When you arrive in the morning at the terminal for your ferry trip, you will pull in front of the terminal in the drop off zone, park your vehicle and either give your keys to the Sunset attendant or drop them into the Valet Key Drop. Your keys will be pre-tagged so there is no wait. On your return trip from work your vehicle will be waiting for you in the drop off zone area for a quick, comfortable ride home. Utilizing this service provides you with a fast drop-off and a quick exit from the ferry terminal, with a monthly pass there is no waiting, as with a traditional valet service. The cost of this service is $125.00 per month (tax included) billed monthly, payable through pay-pal. Daily service is available for $8.00 per day (tax included).
The Parking Service will operate Monday-Friday except Holidays
Sunset Valet is now offering "10 trip" valet card. Purchase the card for $ 80.00 which is ten days of valet service and get the eleventh day free. Also if a new member signs up for valet service for three months they will get the fourth month for 1/2 price or sign up for six months and get the seventh month free.

Now offering car wash service, contact Sunset Valet 732-904-0418.

While valet services are offered as an accommodation to Seastreak, LLC’s customers, valet services are provided by Sunset Valet Service AND NOT BY Seastreak, LLC. Sunset is an independent contractor, and is neither an agent of SeaStreak, LLC or any of its affiliates, nor is it authorized to act for them or on their behalf. Any and all questions, complaints or claims relating to or arising out of the valet services shall be directed to Sunset Valet Service and not to Seastreak, LLC, which hereby expressly disclaims any and all liabilities related to such valet services.

Some commonly asked questions about valet service

Q. What if I am not going to depart on my normally scheduled ferry in the morning and there is no Sunset attendant?

A. Just pull up into the drop off zone, lock your vehicle and drop the keys into the valet key drop box. We will park your vehicle and have it waiting for you when you return.

Q. What if I am not going to return on my normally scheduled ferry or not returning until the next day?

A. Simply call (732) 904-0418 or (732) 495-6397 and leave a message so your vehicle can be waiting for you upon your return or secured for the night.

Stay dry, keep warm, and don't miss the boat.

Any questions or concerns regarding Sunset valet service at the Seastreak Ferry Landing's please call or email Sunset Valet at 732.904.0418


Conner's Highlands Coffee Bar
Serving Gourmet Jersey Roast fresh breakfast blend coffee.
Also available: Gourmet Tea, Hot Chocolate and assorted Danish.

Friday "Appe" Hour
"Appe" Hour will be on the following New York City departures:
4:15pm E. 35th St./4:40pm Pier 11
5:10pm E. 35th St./ 5:30pm Pier 11
5:55pm E. 35th St./6:10pm Pier 11
Beer $4 Wine/Liquor $5
Snacks will be available



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